How To Create Scroll Stopping Facebook Ads


Creating create eye-catching Facebook is, besides choosing the right campaign objective, one of the biggest challenges for a lot the businesses I deal with day in and out.

So today, I wanted to share with you the 3 simple but highly effective strategies to make your Facebook & Instagram Ads stand out from the noise in the News Feed.

These steps will not only help you increase your click-through-rate (CTR) but ultimately your sales! And who doesn’t want increased sales?

1. Focus On Using Clean Images

The most effective ads in your News Feed are those that flow in natively and authentically.

Keep is clean and focused. Always aim for high-quality images and remember that your visual is the very first thing people see, even before reading your text. So it immediately needs to portrait your offer in the best way possible. Limit text if not ultimately necessary.

The best branding is done subtly. If you don’t have your own shots, engage influencers or take advantage of user-generated content. Stock photos could work on occasion if chosen according to your overall business and brand

2. Simplify Your Ad Text

In general, less text is more. Your text needs to be simple, non-capitalized and support what your target audience is seeing in your image or video.

Here’s a secret I love sharing: Call out your audience! Meaning, if you are targeting families with kids, speak to your target group directly and make it relevant, just like Qantas has done in this very example here.

Include a clear call-to-action, like “offer ends soon”, add a date and don’t be afraid to also mention prices. Anything to increase urgency can magically increase click-through-rates.

Always make sure you align your call to action to your overall campaign goal! If you want to get people to read an article, use “Learn More” or if you want your audience to take advantage of a deal, use “Book Now”.

3. Choose The Right Facebook Ad Format

Image Carousel is a great way to showcase various products and experiences or highlight individual destinations at the top level. However, I still see this ad type under-used in the travel industry.

A lot of great videos are already popping up from the big players, which makes total sense for the visuality of the tourism industry.

The usage of a single image can definitely be effective but I encourage you to split test different formats with your offer.

Be ready to still do a lot of testing to always make sure your PAID campaigns will reach maximal success.

I frequently eye off and collect awesome ads in the travel & tourism industry, so be sure to take advantage and download my Facebook Ads Swipe File here with all the most awesome ads to get you inspired.

It’s absolutely invaluable to learn from the big brands if you want to improve your paid ads in no time!

What are you struggling with when it comes to actually creating your Facebook & Instagram Ads?

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